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From the Beach to the Mountains: Must-See Day Trips from Cape Town


Cape Town is South Africa’s answer to travellers searching for a mixture of fun, glitz, sport, national parks, wildlife, stunning beaches and vineyards. During your Africa Tours in just one day you can see penguins or sharks or even whales, relish in some of the world’s top scenery, take in the past that merges all the best of Europe and Africa and still have time to relax at night to value the native yield be it wine from native vineyards or sea food from the ocean.

One of Cape Town’s leading features on your Africa holidays and perhaps one of the initial things you’ll observe on arrival, is the emblematic Table Mountain ascending over the city. The flat-topped mountain is nearly 1000m in height and provides beautiful sights above the city and its encircled by Table Bay and the mountains to the south.

Cape Town is packed with numerous unbelievable sights to keep you engaged for a couple of days, but after that, it’s time to get on the road and tour the encircling cities and parks for a real South African adventure on your Africa tours. Hiring a car is the leading way to get about and by touring at your own pace, you’ll have more chances to experience wildlife and to encounter friendly natives.

Simon’s Town.

A little over 25 miles from Cape Town, famous Simon’s Town is a must-visit on your various Africa holidays. A significant Naval Base and dock, stores, cafes, and bookstores border the streets, while many boats are anchored down by the water. Famous for its superb fish n’ chips, fresh kingclip, snook and hake are battered, deep-fried and thickly-cut to perfection. Eat on the lakeside at False Bay for a picture-perfect lunch.

Boulders Beach.

If you’re like me and you love penguins, you’ll certainly want to make a stop at Boulders Beach. A rapid 3-minute drive east of Simon’s Town, welcome to penguin paradise. Roughly 3,000 of these flightless African birds could be discovered on your Africa tours; waddling, swimming or resting at the relevantly titled Boulders Beach, which is encircled by 540 million-year-old granite boulders. You could get in the water with the birds, but watch your toes…they’re famous to bite!

The Cape of Good Hope.

Around 30 miles south of Cape Town, this part of the Table Mountain National Park is the ideal site for wildlife viewing and hiking during your Africa holidays. anticipate to see baboons, zebras, tortoises, and antelope as you wind your way along the path down the course. There are many walking tracks, with the most famous being the Thomas T. Tucker Shipwreck Trail. This 2.5-hour loop takes you down an extent of pure white sand and wreckage from a shipwreck before going inland, where you’ll cross between greenery on well-marked trails. Pursue the indications to Cape Point for brilliant views above a stony outcropping and out onto the Atlantic.

At the end of each day of touring, go back to Cape Town and relish some of the city’s world-famous cuisine with a glass of its exceptional wine in hand, before waking up and beginning another adventure on your Africa tours.

The Ngorongoro Crater: The Best Place to Animal Watch in Africa

shutterstock_250803826-Family of elephants on the roadi in Serengeti

The Great Rift Valley, Serengeti, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Ngorongoro are all titles that excites the tongues of romantics and passionate tourists on Africa holidays. As they should, being every bit as amazing as they promise. Created many years ago by tectonic plates that leisurely divided Africa in two and volcanic activity for millennia, the Eastern part of the Great Rift Valley surrounds a 12,000 square mile district known as the Serengeti Plain. Consisting of wealthy grasslands that carry about 70 huge mammals and 500 bird types some of the earliest humanoid fossils have been found here as well.

What It Is.

During your Africa tours to The Ngorongoro Crater you’ll find that it is a gem inside the Serengeti system. A crumpled volcanic crater created millions of years ago by hotspots deep inside the earth, it is, at 102 square miles, the biggest undamaged, unflooded caldera in the world. Encircled by dense jungles, the rim ascends up 2,000 feet from the caldera floor. This bowl of animal soup sustains what is trusted to be the biggest enduring cluster of wildlife in Africa. With a year-round stock of fresh water, wildlife has no need to resettle as they do in the rest of the Serengeti.

What You’ll See.

The crater’s huge plain is flooded with marshland that is residence to thousands of wildebeest, zebras, elands, gazelles and buffalo. On your Africa safaris you’ll probably see elephants, topis, golden jackals, oryx, hartebeest, hyenas, and the most delightful animal in the crater — rolling hippos. Rolling in a pool, a huge bloat of hippos seems to entertain themselves by rolling 360 degrees, like three and a half tons of fat sausages, chunky legs pointed to the sky. Whether they’re just sunbathing or appreciating a bath, we enjoy the show.

Lions are also famous and you might even see a leopard, cheetah, or the alarmingly jeopardized black rhino, though you’re not likely to discover giraffes on your Africa tours, because of the lack of tall trees. Never fear — a drive between the Ngorongoro Conservation region, which encircles the crater, would offer a chance to get a peek of these otherwise famous animals.

Ngorongoro is also a bird lover’s heaven, with lots of beautiful kinds, plus the ostrich, kori bustard — the heaviest flying bird in the world, crowned lapwing with its priestly tonsure, stylish gray crowned crane, and great hordes of flamingos feeding in the saline lakes.

Meet the People.

On your Africa holidays you’ll learn that The title Ngorongoro comes from the Maasai El-Nkoronkoro, which means Gift of Life. The semi-nomadic Maasai people proceeded into regions in and around the Ngorongoro Conservaton Area when the Serengeti National Park was set in 1951. They are able to graze inside the crater but must set up their villages (bomas) outside of it.

The story goes that the first scheme was for them to walk west close to Lake Victoria in a region held by a distinct rural tribe. This idea was considered unwise since the Maasai have a tendency to “repatriate” any cattle they come across, which could generate dispute. Their reasoning is as follows: when God produced humanity, he made three men: one had a spear — he became a hunter; one had a hoe — he became the farmer; and the third had a stick — he became a herder. All Maasai are said to have come down from the third man, thus all cattle are owned by the Maasai. And they all carry a stick.

Many Maasai groups in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area greet travellers on Africa tours to their bomas to encounter their lifestyle and customs, in which they take great pleasure. Obligated to take part in the financial economy to live, the dollars they get from these tours offer a significant origin of earnings. They would welcome you with dance — plus the extraordinary Adumu ambitious jumping dance, summon you into their tiny, dark cow dung clad huts, and escort you to the schoolhouse where the children would charm you with songs and other expertise. The women of the tribe would try to amuse you with their crafts, so make sure to bring your bartering skills.

Want to Encounter It for Yourself?

On your many Africa holidays you will be able to find grand cottages line the crater rim, but more inexpensive lodgings could be discovered inside an hour drive. There are chic tented camps or more friendly coffee lodges. Africa Safari firms in the district provide game drives, walking safaris and cultural pursuits, but we suggest Ranger Safaris. You could merge your tour with a trip to Serengeti National Park, other close parks like Tarangire and Manyara, or Olduvai Gorge, one of the most significant paleoanthropological locations in the world. For the more daring, Mt. Kilimanjaro is there for the ascending, and the foreign island of Zanzibar is a mere hour and a half flight from Arusha.


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